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AL32PG (polyglycol/ester blend)

AL32PG Compressor oil has been formulated to address the specific problems associated with conventional rotary screw compressor coolants - thermal degradation and deposit formation. The polyglycol/ester blend has provided superior performance in the areas of oxidation resistance and deposit formation. AL32PG compressor oil eliminates the varnish, sludge and the frequent lubricant changes associated with petroleum oils.
  • A polyglycol/ ester blend synthetic compressor oil
  • Superior oxidation resistance with low volatility
  • Viscosity grades ~ ALPG Coolant,10W-20 and AL32PG, 5W-20.
  • Coolant change intervals increase to 8,000 hours or 3 years.
  • Excellent thermal conductivity for reduced operating temperature.
  • Reduces input power consumption through reduced friction.
  • Excellent high temperature thermal stability and conductivity.
  • Eliminates varnish, sludge and deposit formations.
  • Extremely low vapor pressure for separation from the air stream.
  • Effective in high humidity.
Recommended applications
  • Use in rotary screw compressors which require the use of high quality base stocks to achieve the minimum amount of oxidation.
  •  Anderol PG Supreme 32 Compressor Oil, Anderol PG Supreme 46 Compressor Oil, Anderol PG Supreme 68 Compressor Oil,Compressor Oil,Ingersoll Rand Techrol Gold lll Compressor Oil, Ultrachem Coolant 32 PE, Citgo Compressorgard 32, Citgo Compressorgard 46, Gardner Denver Aeon PG, Ingersoll Rand SSR Ultra Coolant, ISEL Inc 6321-32, ISEL Inc 6321-46, Jax Inc Syn-Air PGE 32, Jax Inc Syn-Air PGE 46, Ultrachem Ultra Gold, Ultrachem Coolant, Ultrachem Coolant 32.
  •  Lubriplate Syncool 32 Compressor Oil, Lubriplate Syncool 46 Compressor oil, Palatek Pallube 32 Compressor Oil, Sullair Sullube 32 Compressor Oil, Summit Supra 32 compressor oil, Summit Supra Coolant, Quincy Quinsyn PG, Quincy Quinsyn Prime, Sullivan Palatek Pallube 32, Syn-Flo Oil 60GC, Syn-Flo Oil 70GC, Travaini Pumps 976-0192-C000 DynaSeal Mini.
Materials Compatibility
With elastomers:High and Medium Nitrile Buna N, Viton, Teflon, Silicone,
Butyl Rubber, Ethylene Propylene Rubber and Polyurethane Foams. Regarding Paint and Plastics: Modified Alkyds, Epoxies and Phenolic Paints. They are not considered to be incompatible with Acrylic Paints, Polyurethane Varnishes, Polystyrene Plastics, PVC Plastics, Polycarbonate Plastics and ABS Plastics.
PRODUCT                                                     ALPG Coolant           AL32PG
SAE GRADE                                                  10W/20                     5W-20
Viscosity @ 40°C, cSt                                    54.9                          38.3
@ 100°C, cSt                                                9.32                          7.30
@ 100°F, SUS                                               279                           195
@ 210°F, SUS                                               57.7                          50.6
Viscosity Index                                              153                           158
Specific Gravity                                             0.9652                       0.9650
Density, lbs/gal                                             8.038                         8.003
Pour Point, °F (°C)                                        -54 (-48)                   -65 (-54)
Flash Point, °F (°C)                                       510 (266)                   480 (249)
Autoignition Temp., °F (°C)                           750 (399)                   730 (388)
Conradson Carbon, % Residue                       0.028                         0.020
Rotary Bomb Oxidation Test, Min                   . 2300                        2300
Evaporation Loss %, 22 hours @ 210°F           0.26                          0.26
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